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Excel Import Properties Error - Import Failure due to GUID mismatch

Ref: 2608449 (201201171503)
Last Edited: January 17th, 2012
If properties of process elements in a map are updated from the same Excel file from which the Visio map was created, an error is reported.
05/01/2012 14:45:24
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Import Failure due to GUID mismatch
The Excel Export file is out of sync with your maps; Import Properties has failed. Please Export the maps to Excel and Import Properties again.
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When a Visio map is created from an Excel file, the process elements (Visio shapes) are given new unique identifiers as they are created. Such unique identifiers are Visio properties, and it's Visio that sets the values. The Excel file may or may not contain unique identifier data (depending on the version of Process Navigator that created them), but any such values will be different from the new ones assigned to the shapes created in the new Visio map.
When Process Navigator updates the properties of process elements in a Visio map from an Excel file, elements are matched through the unique identifiers. In this case, as the Visio shape identifiers have been regenerated, they won't match those in the Excel file, if they exist. Hence, a GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) mismatch error is reported.
If an Excel file is to be used to update the properties of a Visio map, ensure the Excel file has been created by exporting that Visio map to Excel. The GUIDs should then match.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator 11