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XML error when a VDX is saved whilst being loaded in Process Navigator

Ref: 201202141648 AW
Defect ID: 2608362 
Last Edited: February 2nd, 2012
  1. Open PN.
  2. Load a simple process map.
  3. Generate next level on the simple process map.
  4. Open and save the next level file.
  5. Drill down on the next level file onto the original file.  Note that Process Navigator still shows the file as loaded.
  6. Save the original file.
  7. Process Navigator has an invalid XML error of some sort.

We suspect that Process Navigator is not detecting the file being opened through the Visio Process Drill Down and is trying to load an updated file while Visio is still writing it's content.

In PN un-load and re-load the file, this should load the file correctly.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator 11.1.10