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Shape replace creating more connection points than PN can handle

Ref: AW20110215
Development Ref: 82
Defect Ref: 2496579
Last Edited: March 8th, 2013 
When shape replacing a shape with a great deal more connection points than Process Navigator allows an Activity or Deliverable to have, Process Navigator will recreate all of these connection points.  This error is not a problem until after the shape replace has completed.  Due to customer content being used to recreate this error, files have been stored on the internal Triaster network to aid in reproducing the error.
  1. Take an affected Activity Box example from planning.vdx and save it in a new smaller file.
  2. Open PN and Shape Replace the Activity box in this new file with an Activity off the default stencil.
  3. Process Navigator will recreate all of the 52 connection points from the original shape.
  4. Open the resulting file.
  5. Right click on the Activity and select Properties.
  6. Go to the Connection Points Tab.
  7. The Connection Points Tab has incorrect information.
  8. This over load of Connection Points can lead to this error.
The following functionality will be added to fix this issue:
  • Can successfully replace shapes with large numbers of connection points (Triaster shapes have a limit of 10 per side)
  • Ability to map connection points from a customer shape to a logical position (top, bottom, left or right side) on a Triaster activity or deliverable.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator 10.1.11 and previous.   Fixed in PN 13.1