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Update a map to use Alerts and Approvals

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Ref: 201205021305PEV
Last Edited: 2nd May 2012
Applies to:Triaster Server 11.2 onwards

Any process map created before Triaster server 11.2 will not have the correct properties associated with them to work with alerts and approvals. Your Library Administrator will have updated the required properties file to enable the functionality. If this has not been done please see this article Setting up properties for Alerts and Approvals

In the example above, the Claim for travel expenses process has been simplified. By changing the approval status to modified, this will be added to the Approvers Queue for maps to review, in this case the approver is Paul Elson-Vining.

The 'Date of Change' field is used by the change history report is also included on the 'What's Changed' notification e-mail. It must always be completed. These fields are not automatically populated.

The 'Change Description' field should be a short statement about what has changed on the map. This text is used by the 'What's changed' notification e-mail.

The 'Change Author' field is used by the approvals tool, change history report and the notification e-mails. It shows the name of the person making the change, not the original Author.

'Business Functions' is used by the alerts tool. An e-mail distribution list is associated with each function. If you need to alert more than one group, separate each value with a semi colon.

The alert frequency fields are used for sending reminders for overdue approvals or map review dates. These are controlled by a default setting (which is 7 days if you have not requested any customisation) on the Triaster server. By leaving the fields blank you use these defaults. You may wish to change the reminder period on a map by map basis. Only numeric values are allowed. If you never want to be reminded set the value as 99999.

Save the map and run a prelive publish.

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