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Loss of Drill-Down and Right-Click Functionality

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Ref: 2004111
Last Edited: September 28th, 2011
Symptom 1
  • Right-click functionality on shapes is lost
  • Process Navigator menu is greyed out
  • Drill-down does not work

Possible Causes

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is not enabled.
Solution 1
Users of Visio 2003, go to Tools > Options. When the Options dialog appears, select the Security tab. Tick ‘Enable Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications’. Close the file and reopen Process Navigator.
Users of Visio 2007 go to Tools > Trust Centre > Macro Security > ‘Enable Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications’ Close the file and reopen Process Navigator.
Symptom 2
Drill-Down no longer works in Process Navigator.
Possible Causes
If you have quotes (single or double) in the name of an activity or deliverable and you drill-down (internal) on them, the Links Page and Nodes have the quotes and the Visio tab does not, but the hyperlinks created on the shapes still contain a leading quote.
Solution 2
  • Avoid using quotes in the names of Activities and Deliverables.
  • Manually correct the hyperlink on the shape by deleting the leading blank space. When you drill-down a second time, the quote is converted into a blank - giving a leading blank space in the hyperlink which breaks the hyperlink.
Please also reference knowledge base article Process Navigator Menu is not Present or Disappears
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator all versions
  • Visio 2003
  • Visio 2007 

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