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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Last edited: 3rd February 2010

Zooming In and Out

Key Stroke Action
CTRL + SHIFT + Left-Click Zoom In
CTRL + SHIFT + Right-Click Zoom Out
CTRL + SHIFT + Drag Zoom to the Selected Area
CTRL + W  View the Whole Page

Selecting Shapes

Key Stroke Action
Left-Click Select a single shape
CTRL+A Select all shapes
SHIFT + Left-Click Select a set of shapes
Left-Click + Drag Select a set of shapes

Copying a Shape

Key Stroke Action
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + D Duplicate
CTRL + Drag Copy

Function Keys and Other Shortcuts

Key Stroke Action
F2 Edit Text
F4 Repeats the Last Command
F7 Check Spelling
F8 Align Shapes
CTRL + K Insert Hyperlink
CTRL + Y Redo
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + S Saves the File
CTRL + B Makes Text Bold
CTRL + N Creates New Drawing File
CTRL + Shift + B Send Shape to Back
CTRL + Shift + F Send Shape to Front

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