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Use Level Off-set functionality

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Last edited March 27th 2012


If you find that your input and outputs are mismatched due to the level in which they sit, then you can use the 'Level Off-set' functionality to correct the mismatch.
Below, the output of the map called Activity 2 (on Level 2) matches the input of the map called Map B (on Level 1); however, the two maps sit on different levels. Therefore, if the Triaster software has the Enforce Level Matching option turned on, then the deliverables will show as mismatched.
An easy way to query which level a process map is is to search for it using the Process Library search tool, the level is then shown in the search results.


Rather than turning off the Enforce Level Matching option, you can use the new 4.6 functionality of 'Level Off-set'.

'Level Off-set' is an attribute added to the Node properties which enables you to push a process tree down or up levels. For example, I would first edit my properties.xml file to ensure this attribute is included.

Next, open the process map that you want to change the level. In this example, I would open Map B.vdx, select the Node properties and enter 1 into the field.
Setting the 'LevelOffset' attribute of a Node to 1, 2, 3, ... etc pushes the Node down the specified number of levels.
Note: Only the top map of the Process Tree needs to have its level off-set set as any maps drilled down from there will now be offset from the top map, also please note that you can only offset a level down, you cannot offset a process map up the hierarchy.
This would then effectively push Map B process tree down one level.

The result would enable the output of the map called Activity 2 to match the input of the map called Map B.

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