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Insert Process Map Images into other Microsoft Applications

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Ref: 20060424
Last edited September 29th 2011
Often it is useful to show images of your process map within a Microsoft Word document or PowerPoint presentation. This can be done quite simply.

Solution 1 

  1. Open the process map within Visio
  2. Select File > Save As
  3. Within the Save As dialog, change the Save as Type to either JPEG (*.jpg), TIF (*.tif) or GIF(*.gif)
  4. Name the file and select Save
  5. Select OK to the next dialog shown below

  6. Open the Word document to which you would like to insert the map image
  7. Select Insert > Picture and browse to the location of the image and select insert
  8. The image of the process map will appear in the Word document

Solution 2

Take a copy of the image by using the ALT and PRT SCR keys together. If you want the whole page to be the image then you would use PRT SCR key only.
Then you can paste (CTRL+V) the image into the document.

Solution 3

Process Maps can be inserted as an object by opening the map Holding Ctrl + A (to select all) and the Ctrl+C to copy the contents. Use Ctrl + V to paste into the new document.

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