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Allowing non-licenced users to use your customised template and stencil in Visio

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Ref: 20090624
Last edited September 29th 2011


You have a colleague that wants to draw some process maps. They do not have a Process Navigator licence but do have a licence of Visio.


Your colleague can use your customised stencil and template to draw their process maps in Visio so that their maps are using the same shapes and branding as those maps already stored in your process library.

Directions for Visio user:

1. Save the customised template (vtx) and stencil (vss) in a convenient location.
2. Open Visio and select Tools > Options. Select the Advanced tab and then select the File Paths button.
a. From the template field, browse to the folder where the customised template is stored.
b. From the stencil field, browse to the folder where the customised stencil is stored.
c. Select OK
3. Select File > New. The customised template will be listed within the menu. Select the template.
4. The template with the associated customised stencil will be opened.
5. Draw the process map.
6. Save the map as an XML drawing.


1. Visio's macros should be enabled and Visio should be set to save all files as vdx (Visio XML drawings).
2. Using the template and stencil in this way has its disadvantages. For example. the user will not have the Process Navigator functionality such as populating the data capture, auto-layout, off-page connectors, etc.
3. Once the user has completed the maps, they can send the maps to the process library owner and these maps can be imported into the library. 

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