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Auto-layout not giving predicted results

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Ref: 20081124
Last revised September 28th, 2011

When applying auto-layout to automatically arrange elements on the page, the resulting layout isn't what may be expected. Subsequent application of auto-layout may re-arrange the page again, but still the layout isn't correct.

The problem is probably that one or more of the Visio shapes has its placement/routing behaviour set incorrectly.

Unless you know that this behaviour has resulted from the addition of a particular shape, all connected shapes, other than Connectors, may need to be checked.
  1. Select a shape.
  2. From the Visio menu, Window > Show ShapeSheet.
  3. Scroll to the Miscellaneous section.
  4. Ensure the ObjType cell is set to 1.
  5. Close the ShapeSheet.
  6. When all shapes have been processed, save the file.
  7. Close the file (otherwise, the auto-layout behaviour won't change).
  8. Re-open the file.
  9. Re-apply auto-layout.
Further Information:
For further information on placement and routing behaviour please click HERE
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator all versions

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