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A Circular Activity Hierarchy Occurs

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Ref 20060413
Last edited October 12th, 2015

When attempting to save a Map in Visio you receive the following exception in the Process Navigator progress window (or in a message box if you have closed the progress window):

The Node <NODE NAME HERE> in <FILE NAME HERE> is part of a circular Activity Hierarchy. The circularity needs to be removed by renaming one of the elements of the chain before processing can continue.

Process Navigator identifies a link between an Activity and a Node based upon name (represented by an element's text) matching. When you drill down on an Activity it will create a new Node with the same name, and any subsequent drill-downs on that Activity would take you to that same Node. If when drilling down on the Activity it found an existing Node with the same name, the drill-down would go to that Node.

A Circular Activity Hierarchy is pretty much an Activity drilling down to itself. It happens most often when you have an Activity and a Node on the same page sharing the same name, but can also occur if there is an Activity on a page that drills down from a Node with a matching name.
Rename either of the offending elements. In order to resolve this issue you must rename either the Activity or the Node so that they do not match. The error description will identify the Node that is part of the Circular Activity Hierarchy, but you could also rename the Activity. After renaming one of the elements you should be able to successfully save the file again.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator all versions

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