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Final checks before promotion to a Live library

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Last Edited: July 22nd 2011 

When you are ready to promote your maps into your Live library website there are some key reports which should be run to check the maps are of the required standard for publishing to Live.


You can run reports from both your process library sites or through Process Navigator.


The key report to run before you publish maps is the Publish Checklist.

This can be found in 2 places on your library websites and under Reports, Other Reports and Browse in Process Navigator.


To view the report through your library follow the steps below.


1.Select the Library Administration button and choose the Publish Checklist (most common place to find it)

2.Select the Library Search and Report button choose the Report Exchange option. From the list of reports which appear select the Publish Checklist



The report produced will say: Action list to be completed prior to Go Live

There are then several different parts of the report to check.


  • Unsourced Inputs
  • Unused Outputs
  • Approvals Required
  • Process approval status of all maps

Unsourced inputs and unused outputs highlight any inconsistencies in your horizontal process. Any outputs or inputs listed here should be checked to make sure they should not be linking together. 


From each area on the Publish Checklist you can open the Visio file or view the HTML of the map which contains the input or output. 


The 2 questions to ask are:

  1. Should this input deliverable come from another process already in your library?
  2. Should the output deliverable lead in to another process already in your library?

If so find the input/output from the process(es) and make sure that they are the same (copy and paste the deliverable in to each map).

The 2 will then link and when you rerun the Publish Checklist the processes the input and output will no longer be in the report.


The Approvals Required area of the report highlights clearly which maps still require approval.

All maps in your Live library should be approved.


A final check on the status of all of your maps is then provided under Approval Status of the maps and this highlights if any maps have been newly related or modified and need to be set to approve again before publishing.


Once all of the maps have approval a quick and easy way to change the status of your maps can be carried out in Process Navigator.


  • Load you maps in Process Navigator, likely to be all of the maps you are ready to go live with
  • Select all of the maps (CTRL A and enter after selecting the top map
  • Select Edit, Replace Data
  • Leave the Find What area blank but enter Approved in to the Replace with box.
  • Select the option of Force Creation (this will enter data even if none exists)
  • From the Properties to Replace you want to select Approval Status
  • This property will be found under the Node options
  • Select OK
  • Process Navigator will proceed to update your maps.
  • Once the Approval Status of a map is set to Approved the strapline on your maps will be removed. The maps no longer have a warning on them saying the process may change as they are now live processes.

You can select any of the properties you have in your Node, Activity or on your Deliverables and therefore have the option to update this data in bulk by selecting the Edit Data option


Edit Data is also really useful for updating your version and revision numbers on all maps in your library.


Triaster Tip:

To increase the version or revision of your maps by 1 you can enter ++ into the Replace With field and select version and/or revision from the Properties to Replace section (they are node properties) after processing the change all version and/or revision numbers would have increased by 1. e.g. Value was 1.2 after change it would be 2.2.

(Values can all be decreased by 1 by entering -- in the Replace With field)



NB: Remember only properties which have an entry in at least one of your process maps will appear in the list to edit. You cannot edit an unedited field. If you do not find the property you are looking for open one of you maps in Visio and then add a value to the property which you need to change in bulk. When you then select Edit Data the option should appear in the Properties to Replace area and you can select Force Creation to add data in to that field on other maps. 


The final change that will need to be made for your Live library is an update to the menu pages. If you need to know more about updating menu pages please follow the links below.

Visio menu pages

Dynamic menu pages (developed in Flash)


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