The Stencil Cannot be Accessed. An Error Occurred Generating Next Level

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Ref: PEV20041111
Last Edited: September 28th, 2011
When you attempt to Generate Next Level using Process Navigator, you receive the following error in the User Actions Required panel:
The stencil cannot be accessed.
An error occurred Generating Next Level for M:\Filepath\Test Maps\Map Name.vdx:Page-1. Generate Next Level will attempt to continue for the remaining pages. 
Possible Causes:  
  1. This error occurs as a result of the Document Stencil being loaded in your template (VTX).
  2. There is no stencil specified in the Visio template
1. Edit your template, and close down the document stencil as follows:
Open the Template (<company name>.vtx)
Right mouse click on the document stencil as shown below and select close.
Save and close the template.
2. Set the stencil and template to the correct location Click HERE for step by step instructions
Applies to:
  • Proces Navigator all versions
  • Visio Template

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