Drill down opens a new file

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Ref: 201405201231EC
Last Edited: May 20th, 2014

What has changed?

In preparation for the automation of Approvals the default for drill down is being changed to open a new file (rather than a new sheet within the same file as currently). The default behaviour can be changed by the user if required.

Why has this changed?

In order for this to work it is important that each process map has its own file. Otherwise, process maps may be moved or copied incorrectly.

We strongly recommend that you keep this set up, however you can manually revert back to saving maps in the same file if you would prefer.

Instructions to revert to a single file

This setting needs to be made on an Activity-by-Activity basis.

· Select the Activity
· Right click shape > Properties
· Navigation tab
· Select ‘Drill-down’ for drill downs to stay within the same file

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