How to Hyperlink to Local Executable Files

Ref: 20080630
Last edited: 4th February 2010

Hyperlinking to local executable files from shapes within a process maps must follow the workaround below.

Instead of linking directly to the EXE file, link to a CMD file that resides on the server, using a full path. This command file just calls the EXE file, also using its full path. For example: 
Create a VDX file with a shape that contains a hyperlink with an address:

N:\Support\Support Files\Working\RunWinWord.cmd
(a relative hyperlink does not translate properly in the published HTML)

When you select the hyperlink, the CMD file launches RunWinWord.cmd:

RunWinWord.cmd contains a single line: call "D:\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WINWORD.EXE"