How to hyperlink to a document

Ref: 20060306
Last Edited: 11th October 2011

Using a Hyperlink Symbol

Drop a 'Hyperlink Circle' onto the page in the desired position. This could be near an Activity or a Deliverable.

1. Re-size the Hyperlink Circle shape using the green selection handles if required.


2. Select the Hyperlink Circle and right-click > Change Icon. This should bring up the Custom Properties dialog. Choose a suitable icon, and click OK.


3. Select the Hyperlink Circle and press [CTRL] + [K]. This should bring up the Hyperlinks dialog. If your document is not saved, you will be prompted to save it.  


3. Click browse and select 'Local File...'.


4. In the 'Files of type' box, select 'Office Files' or 'All Files' and browse to the file to which you wish to link, and select 'Open'.
5. Select 'OK' in the hyperlinks dialog.
6. Now when you move your mouse over the Hyperlink Circle, your cursor should change to the Hyperlink cursor.
7. Right-click the Hyperlink Circle and select Hyperlink > Open. This should load your Office file in the relevant application.
TIP: You can change the name of the file that is listed in the menu option by opening the Hyperlinks dialog and inserting text into the hyperlinks description.



Linking from Activities and Deliverables

You can also link from Activities and Deliverables using the above actions, but be sure to select the shape first. Note that using the above-listed method of hyperlinking does not automatically add a shadow to your shapes. However, you can add a shadow to any shape by selecting the shape, right-click and select Shadow from the menu options. You can remove a shadow by following the same process and deselecting Shadow from the menu option.

Alternatively, the recommended way of linking from Activities or Deliverables is to use Process Navigator's method of linking to external documents or reusable processes.

Process Navigator allows you to drill down from Activities or Deliverables to content anywhere on the Internet, intranet or local file system.

To set the drill-down behaviour, right-click the Activity or Deliverable, select Properties and select the Navigation tab. Select Advanced Options > Link to Document or Reusable Process. Use the button on the right-hand side of the Address field to browse to a file. Use the sub-address field to link to a bookmark as listed below. Select OK.

Using this method automatically adds a shadow to an Activity or Deliverable.

Linking to a Bookmark

You can link to a bookmark (sub-section) within a Word document by adding the bookmark name to the sub-address field within the hyperlinks dialog. Since you are linking across applications, you will not be able to browse to the bookmark. Instead, you will have to type in the bookmark name. Remember that bookmark names cannot have spaces. Click 'OK'.  
TIP: Linking to a HTML anchor, an Excel named range or a PowerPoint slide is also achieved using the sub-address field.