Doing more with Hyperlinks

Adding a hyperlink

Process Navigator allows you to link to any external file, launch the Internet, or another application.

Drag the Hyperlink Circle from the stencil sheet and position it. With the Hyperlink Circle highlighted, go to the menu bar and select Insert > Hyperlinks. The following dialog box will appear.

TIP: You can re-size the Hyperlink Circle shape by selecting it and using the selection handles to re-size.

TIP: You can change the Hyperlink Circle icon by selecting the Hyperlink Circle shape. Right-click and select Change Icon.

Browse for the filename and path of the document you want to launch, type the URL if you want to launch the Internet. Click OK.

When you have successfully attached the URL or document and you want to launch it from your process map, right-click the Hyperlink Circle and select the URL or document from the menu.

The Description is set by default to be the filename and it is this Description that appears on the right-click menu. You can however change the Description to something more user-friendly by typing in alternative text.

Right-click the Hyperlink Circle and select the linked file. The associated program will launch with the document in view. 

Hyperlink to Bookmark within a Document

You can link to a bookmark (sub-section) within a Word document.  A bookmark can mark any point in a document.

Select the shape to which you want to hyperlink.  Select Insert > Hyperlinks.

You will see the dialog box below.

Browse to the document in the Address field. Then, in the Sub-address field, enter the bookmark name. Since you are linking across applications, you will not be able to browse to the bookmark. Instead, you will have to type in the bookmark name. Remember that bookmark names cannot have spaces. Click OK.

Right-click the shape that you are linking from and select the document from the menu; this will take you to the bookmarked section of the document.

TIP: Linking to a HTML anchor, an Excel named range or a PowerPoint slide is also achieved using the Sub-address field.

Hyperlink from Process Navigator Shapes

You can add hyperlinks to Process Navigator Shapes such as Activities and Deliverables.

Select the shape, go to the menu bar and select Insert > Hyperlinks. Follow the actions described above. Once the hyperlink has been inserted, double-click the shape and agree to the Drill-down dialog which will take you to the file.

NOTE: Using this way of hyperlinking does not automatically add a shadow to your shapes. However, you can add a shadow to any shape by selecting the shape, right-click and select Shadow from the menu options. You can remove a shadow by following the same process and deselecting Shadow from the menu option.

TIP: Ensure that you have not already drilled down on the specific shape. If you have, then the hyperlink will not work because the shape is linking to the drill-down page.