How to Identify when to use Internal Deliverables vs. External Deliverables

June 8th, 2006 (kb#101)

Triaster's support desk has had a lot of questions regarding when to use external deliverables versus internal deliverables. Often, we find that customers are changing external deliverables to be internal deliverables just to ensure that the subsequent maps in the process flow will be linked by Analyst Edition's Refresh Off-Page Connectors Wizard.

Best Approach

Please view the example process below:

If the deliverable is leaving the organisation, such as an 'Approval letter sent to applicant', then the deliverable should be external.

That deliverable is not the same deliverable that starts off the next process as it has left the organisation.

The deliverable that starts of the next process would be a 'Copy of approval letter'. In this case, the recommendation is to have two output deliverables from the Activity 'Criteria met, send approval letter'. One remaining external deliverable and a second internal deliverable added as mentioned above. It is the internal deliverable that should link to the next map. The same should happen for the Activity 'Criteria not met, send refusal letter to applicant.'