How do I drill-down to a single process from a number of processes?

March 29th, 2007 (kb#125)

Create the common process as a separate file. Then use the external drill-down option or the link to document option to drill down on your activities to the common process map.

To set the drill-down behaviour on an Activity, right mouse click on it and select Properties. On the Navigation tab, choose Advanced Options and then choose Link to document or reusable process. Specify the target of the drill-down in the Address and Sub-Address fields.

Drill-down to an external Process Navigator file

This will behave exactly in the same way as a normal double-click drill-down, except that the target page is in a new file instead of the existing one. In particular, the "Up" button on the target process will be pointed back to the page containing this Activity. This technique therefore is not suitable if your intention is to link to a common process that is called from many different process maps. For this, you should use the "Link to document or reusable process" option described below.

Link to document or reusable process

This option is simply to set a standard hyperlink.
The link to document option will not process orphans or drop new deliverables on the drill-down (unlike the external drill-down option will process orphans and drop new deliverables which does and is hence not suitable for reusable processes). Not will it drop a back button on the lower level map. Users must use the Browser's 'Back' button on the lower level common process.
Article Last Updated April 22nd, 2009