Adding shapes

To the left of the screen is the Process Navigator stencil. This stencil contains all the shapes you need to create a process map. A ‘shape’ is a Visio term for any item that appears in a Visio drawing that you can select with the pointer tool.
Process Navigator Stencil


Activity (Internal) Activities are things you do. They use and produce Deliverables.
Decision Decisions are things you do. Decisions are special types of Activity where only one of the outputs is produced.
External Activity Used to show an Activity that is performed outside the organisation. Often used when the Activity is brief and the Output Deliverable returns immediately back to the organisation.
Deliverable (Internal) Deliverables are things you produce or use. Internal Deliverables are produced or consumed within the organisation.
External Deliverable
External Deliverables are things produced or consumed outside the organisation or outside the scope of the processes that are being mapped.
Page border used to display Node level information. Nodes are logically equivalent to Activities. They are used as containers for expanded views of their associated Activities.
Swimlane Re-sizable and movable swimlanes. Can be horizontal or vertical.
Process Background Grey background for the process maps.
Hyperlink Circle 1 A hyperlink button to which a hyperlink can be inserted and icon changed.
A hyperlink button specifically designed to link to further information stored in an external document.
 Feedback Email Sends an email to a predefined address.