Process Navigator functions

Map Control Console

Below is the default pane that is displayed when Process Navigator starts. Its purpose is to display progress information to the user about the files that are being loaded and any problems encountered when loading the files.

Process Navigator displays a list of files in the Multi-map root.

To set the Multi-Map Root folder, select Tools > Options > Map Locations and double-click ‘Multi-Map Root’. Browse to the folder you require and select OK.

This panel shows the files, which can be sorted by Path, Name, Size, Date Modified, Complexity, Load State.
Path The location of the file within the Multi-Map Root. (If no path appears, the file is in the root folder of the multi-map.)
Name The name of the file.
Size The size of the file.
Date Modified The date the file was last modified.
Complexity Represents the number of Activities and Deliverables in the whole file.
Load State Displayed to show the load status of the file. Files need to be loaded in order to analyse them.

Loading Files

To load the files:

Tick the check box next to the file that you want to load.  The progress box will show the file loading. When the file is loaded, the Load State will be ‘Loaded’ and coloured green.

To select multiple files, select a file, which will highlight and then use the CTRL-click or SHIFT-click to select the other files. Once the files that you want to load are highlighted, tick the box next to any of those files and the files will load automatically.

To load all files within the multi-map root, use CTRL-A and then press the space bar or go to Edit > Select All and then tick one of the boxes. 

Processing Scope

The processing scope is defined as those files that are loaded within the Map Control Console in Process Navigator.  Files that are not loaded in Process Navigator do not fall within the processing scope.

Locked by Another Process

Process Navigator cannot analyse files open in Visio. If you are trying to load a map that is open in Visio, you will be notified in two ways.  First, you will see that the Load State will say ‘Locked by another Process’ as shown below.

In addition, in the ‘User Actions Required’ area, it will show the following:

If your files are locked by another process, close the file in Visio, refresh Process Navigator by pressing F5 and then attempt to reload.

TIP: The ‘User Actions Required’ area offers guidance on the problems you may encounter when using Process Navigator.

Process Hierarchy

Process Navigator will also list in the Load State column if the drawing loaded is a Process Hierarchy.  The Load State will say ‘Process Hierarchy’ as shown below.

Open in Visio

When you publish files to HTML, Process Navigator will open the files in Visio prior to creating the HTML images.  In this case, the load state of each of the files loaded in Visio will say ‘Open in Visio’.

Invalid Map

If you try to load a non-Process Navigator map, the load state will say ‘Invalid Map’.

Unloading Files

To unload the files that are loaded in Process Navigator, select the files as above. Deselecting the check box will unload the files.

Editing Process Maps within Process Navigator

The Process Navigator interface enables you to open maps in Visio from the Map Control Console.

To open a map from Process Navigator, right-click the map listed in the Map Control Console and select ‘Edit in Microsoft Visio’.

NOTE: ‘Edit in Microsoft Visio’ unloads the file in Process Navigator. You will need to reload the file in Process Navigator when you have finished editing.

Printing Process Maps from Process Navigator

To print maps from Process Navigator, select the map(s) from the Map Control Console, right-click and select ‘Print with Microsoft Visio’ from the menu.

NOTE: ‘Print with Microsoft Visio’ will use the default printer setting.

Removing Maps Listed in the Map Control Console

To remove the map from the list in the Map Control Console, select the map(s), right-click and select ‘Remove from List’ from the menu.
NOTE: The ‘Remove From List’ option does not remove the map from the multi-map root location but just from the view of the Map Control Console.  You can reinstate the map to be viewed in the list by pressing F5 (refresh).

Published Map Viewer

The published Map Viewer enables the user to see maps that have been published to HTML.  See Publishing to HTML

Report Viewer

The Report Viewer enables the user to view reports that have been generated. Please see Generating Reports