Replace Hyperlinks

Last edited: October 11th, 2011
Every shape in a Process Navigator map has the capacity to store a set of hyperlinks. These hyperlinks allow you to access information in a whole variety of different file formats and in different locations.

Occasionally, the location of the target of a hyperlink will need to be changed. For example, sometimes drive letters change. More commonly, the location of the HTML versions of the processes will change which will invalidate all relative hyperlinks.

The batch utility to replace hyperlinks throughout the Multi-Map is to cater for those occasions where the existing hyperlinks are no longer valid.
Select Edit > Replace Hyperlink
NOTE: Replace Hyperlink uses only the loaded files and only works with Activities, Deliverables, Nodes and Hyperlink circles.

This loads the following dialog:


Find What and Replace With

The ‘Find What’ field contains a string representing the part of the hyperlink that you want to replace. For example, suppose that all the documents you have linked to from your process map are held in a location ‘M:\ProcessDocuments\’ and this location has been moved to ‘P:\Enterprise Process Map\Documents\’. The Find What field would contain ‘M:\ProcessDocuments\’ and the Replace With would contain ‘P:\Enterprise Process Map\Documents\’.

The ‘Find What’ field can be any part of the hyperlink, so do be careful not to replace ‘P’ with ‘M’ if, for example, the document folder has been moved from drive P to drive M. In this case every occurrence of the letter P would be replaced with the letter M. To swap a drive, specify ‘P:\’ and ‘M:\’ instead.

Match Case

To replace all occurrences of ‘P’ or ‘p’ with ‘M’, leave Match Case turned off. If however you want to replace occurrences of ‘P’ with ‘M’, but not ‘p’, then turn Match Case on by checking the Match Case check box.

Some web servers are case-sensitive, so be sure to check that case-sensitivity is not required before turning the option off.

When you are ready to proceed, click OK.

Although there is a Close option to abort the process, there is no rollback. Therefore, if you press Close after the first five files have already been processed, then those five files will contain the new hyperlinks and the remaining files will not.

We strongly recommend you take a copy of all files that are included in a batch update of replace hyperlinks before you carry out this process, by copying the directory structure of the Multi-Map. You will then be able to roll back easily if this proves necessary.