Replace Data

Like Replace Hyperlink, this is a global search and replace, but for Custom properties values.
The interface requests ‘Find What’ and ‘Replace With’, and offers a dynamically populated tree-view of the visible Properties under Node, Activity (Decision) and Deliverable. The property entries are selectable and this is how you can specify which properties to update.

Force Creation is an option to create the Property in shapes where the property does not currently exist.

Match Case will place case-sensitivity on the Find What option, i.e., when Match Case is turned off and Find What is "AbC", then "abc", "ABC" etc. will all be replaced. If Match Case is on, only "AbC" will be replaced.

NOTE: If you do not specify a Find string, then the tool will find EVERYTHING. Be sure that you only tick to options you wish to change

Click in the appropriate box to select the property whose value you are replacing.

NOTE: When you click on Activity, Deliverable or Node, all properties for that shape type are selected.

NOTE: Click ‘All Properties’ to select all properties within all shape types.

Type in the text you want to replace in the ‘Find What’ and ‘Replace With’ fields and click OK.

Although there is a Close option to abort the process, there is no rollback. Therefore, if you press Close after the first five files have already been processed, then those five files will contain the new property values and the remaining files will not.

We strongly recommend you take a copy of all files that are included in a batch update of replace data before you carry out this process, by copying the directory structure of the Multi-Map. You will then be able to roll back easily if this proves necessary.