Refreshing Off-Page Connectors

Once you have ensured that all mismatched Deliverables are resolved by checking that the input and output Deliverables match by using the All Mismatched Deliverables.xslt report (see Other Reports) the Multi-Map is ready to be linked with Off-Page Connectors.

An Off-Page Connector is a device for overcoming the practical limitation of page sizes. In effect, it enables you to produce a logical, large ‘piece of paper’ containing a single end-to-end process map with all the Deliverables linked directly to each other.
Every time Off-Page Connectors are refreshed, only the connectors that have changed will be refreshed. Process Navigator then identifies Deliverable pairs that match the following criteria:
  • They have the same name (the name is the Deliverable’s visible text, not the name property of the corresponding Visio shape) or they have the same Off-Page Link Reference stored behind the Deliverables (see Off-Page Connectors to set this option in Process Navigator).
  • They are both internal.
  • One is an Input, the other an Output.
  • They are on different pages.
  • They are on the same level. This is dependent on whether the option to enforce level matching is enabled.  
NOTE: When using the multiple Off-Page Connectors option, the label used in an Off-Page Connector is unique for each pair of linked Deliverables, but the same label does not persist through successive refreshes. For example, it may be that on one refresh two Deliverables are linked through label ‘37’, but on a subsequent refresh they are linked through label ‘48’. This is by design.
In order to follow a Single Off-Page Connector, right-click the Off-Page Connector and select the link. In order to follow Multiple Off-Page Connectors, double-click the Off-Page Connector.
When Process Navigator exports the Multi-Map to HTML, the hyperlinks are converted to conventional HTML hyperlinks and can be followed by left-clicking.
To refresh the Off-Page Connectors, load the maps, then select Multi-Map > Refresh Off-Page Connectors.

Using the recruitment process as an example, the three maps, created once the mismatched Deliverables are resolved and the Off-Page Connectors are refreshed, would appear automatically as follows:


The numbered shapes by each Deliverable are the hyperlinked Off-Page Connectors. To activate them, right-click and select the target file.

NOTE: By default, Off-Page Connectors match maps on the same map level only (please refer to the glossary for the definition of level). To change this option, please see Enforce Level Matching

Enable Match by Property

Process Navigator uses the text of a Deliverable in its matching routine and by default will only add Off-Page Connectors to Deliverables that have the same text. Enable Match by Property forces Process Navigator to check for the existence of an alternative Deliverable Property (Off-Page Link Reference) and use the value of the property in the matching algorithm instead of the Deliverable’s text.

To store Off-Page Link Reference in the Deliverable Properties, right-click the Deliverable from within the process map and select Properties from the menu. Then select the Properties tab.

Scroll to the bottom of the listed properties to the group name Workflow Routing.

Enter any alphanumeric text into the field next to Off-Page Link Reference and select OK.

NOTE: The text is not case-sensitive.

This is typically used in the multi-lingual environments or where it is difficult to gain a common, shared naming scheme for Deliverables.

When generating the next level, the Off-Page Link Reference will be used as the resulting Deliverable’s text in the top level.