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Last Edited: August 31st 2012
Process Navigator can create and redraw maps using the Generate Maps from Excel facility. This will recreate the maps. Import Properties from Excel allows maps to be refreshed with data from a separate file without redrawing the maps.

Process Maps must be in Excel XLS or XLSX spreadsheet format and have the following mandatory entries completed:
  • A sheet called Process Elements with the following columns completed in this order:
    • Shape Master
    • Reference
    • Text
    • Predecessors (comma delimited list)


  • A sheet called Filenames with the following columns:
    • Node Reference
    • Path
    • MapPage UID
    • MapPage Name
Providing there is a map already created, properties can be imported. There are two dependencies: firstly the map must exist in the location specified (as maps are not re-drawn), and the file that has been previously exported has the same GUID for each of the shapes. The GUID is created by the system on export.

*** Update please note the need for a GUID only applies to software versions prior to 11.2 ***
In the following example we will 'round trip' a map with edited properties.
  1. Select a map or group of maps in the multi-map root and select 'Export to Single Microsoft Office Excel File'.
  2. Name the file 'Master.xls' (this name is not important at this stage).
  3. Open the Excel file.
  4. Change or add data to the column Prop.ProcessOwner.
  5. Save the file.
  6. From the Multi-Map menu in Process Navigator, select 'Import Properties from Excel File'.
  7. Browse to the location where the file is to be imported from. This does not have to be the multi-map root.
  8. Select loaded maps to replace the data on one or two maps, or select All Maps for everything in the multi-map root (using this option does not require any of the maps to be loaded).
  9. Click OK.
  10. Check your map for the new property.
For more information, also see Exporting to Microsoft Excel.
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