Generating a planning chart

The Planning Chart is a tool that generates boxes on a Year Planner style diagram corresponding to processes that occur at the same time each year. The Planning Chart is generated with months of the calendar year as columns across the top of the page and laid out on an A0 page size. The process block are shown in alphabetical order by Process Title. The process blocks are clickable through to the associated process map.
The monthly labels for the columns appear at the top and bottom of the page with lines dividing one month from the next running down the entire page
There are 2 steps to generating a Planning Chart:
  1. Identify the processes that you want to include in the Planning Chart
  2. Generate the Planning Chart

Identifying the Processes to Include in the Planning Chart

For a process to appear in the Planning Chart it must meet all of the following criteria:
  • It must have a Node
  • The Node must have the following 3 properties:
  • "PlanInclude" set to TRUE
  • "StartsOn" set to a valid date corresponding to when the process begins
  • "DueBy" set to a valid date corresponding to when the process ends
  • "ProcessTitle" - the displayed text
  • "ProcessOwner" - this defines the block colour
These are standard properties in the 4.60 release. For information on how to add these Properties to your Node, please refer to How to Customise the Data Capture
An example Properties file "Planning Chart Properties.xml" can be found HERE

Generate the Planning Chart

To Generate the Planning Chart, from Process Navigator select the maps to include in the Planning Chart, then select Multi-Map > Generate Planning Chart.
In the subsequent diagram, the various otions have the following affect:
  • Start Year & End Year - for each year there will be a corresponding page in the Planning Chart
  • Force recurring processes ..... If this is Checked then for blocks on the Planning Chart will be at the same height up the page, even if they overlap with a block from a previous or subsequent year, otherwise the block will move down one row for each year generated.
  • Target File Name - the file that will contain the Planning Chart.