Exporting Process Maps to Microsoft Excel

Ref: 20120105 PEV
Last Edited: May 30th, 2012
Applies to: Process Navigator 4.6 onwards
Process Navigator has the ability to export process map data to Microsoft Office Excel, either for single or multiple maps.
Once the maps for export have been selected and loaded in Process Navigator:
Select Multi-Map > Export > 'Multiple Microsoft Office Excel Files' or 'Single Microsoft Office Excel File', dependent on the number of maps data is to be extracted from. 
Note: In versions prior to 11.1.10 these menu items are called 'Multiple Microsoft Office Excel XML Files' or 'Single Microsoft Office Excel XML File'


If export to 'Single Microsoft Office Excel file' is selected, a dialog box will open asking you to specify a name for the file. Choose the location and file name for your export.
If export to 'Multiple Microsoft Office Excel Files' is selected, individual Excel files will be created in the location selected for multi-map root (Tools > Options > Map Locations > Multi-Map Root). Individual Excel files for each process map selected will be created and automatically named the same as the process map they are generated from.
Options to restrict export for files containing non-Triaster shapes and import of files containing a specified maximum number of non-Triaster shapes can be set from Tools > Options > Export to Excel.