Shape replace

Like Replace Hyperlink, this is a global search and replace, but for Shapes.

Select Edit > Replace Shape

This loads the following dialog:


NOTE: You must read and accept all of the statements before proceeding. If you do not agree with any of these statements, you will need Triaster to perform the shape replace for you.
Once you have agreed select continue and you will be presented with the following screen

The interface requests details for the stencil to be used, ‘Find What’ and ‘Replace With’, and has an option to preserve visible properties.  Once the details have been input select the ‘Add’ button – this will populate the find table with the details entered.  Multiple shapes can be replaced at the same time by adding details for each specific shape.

From within this dialog you can also create or update a background shape by checking the box and adding the location for the new background

When you are ready to proceed, click OK.
Process Navigator will then open each map in Visio and perform the changes and save them automatically. This may take some time if you have selected a large number of maps.