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What has changed with Excel from 11.1.10

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Ref: 201201171002PEV
Last Edited: 20th January 2012

What has changed?

From the 11.1.10 and onwards, we have taken the decision to change the file format that we use to export to and import from Excel. The previous versions used the Microsoft Excel XML 2003 format and we have now moved to the binary format of XLS and XLSX

Why have we changed it?

The decision was taken as Microsoft have not made any changes to the XML format since the 2003 release. When using the XML a number of the key new features available in 2007 and 2010 are not available to the user, one example of this is conditional formatting. Another benefit of moving to the XLS and XLSX formats is linking via Microsoft Query is now possible, enabling data to be managed separately to the exported files. This will drive up the usage of metrics in process maps and could in the future (if configured correctly) update data on a near real time basis.

What will the changes mean to you?

We have withdrawn the XML file format from import/export to Excel so any existing files you may have will not import into Process Navigator. The solution to this problem is very very simple and only needs to be done once.

Open the Excel files you have and select 'Save as' and change the file type to XLS or XLSX

If you have any automated publishes that read your current files, please contact support or 0870 402 1242 and we will be happy to help.

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