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Shapes listed in Excel according to connectivity

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Ref: 201111041419 AR

When exporting a developed process out to Excel, the sequence of the shapes listed in the Shape master Column is grouped by node and will follow that of connectivity within the node. The value in the reference column has been changed to allow the shapes to be ordered in a much more logical and readable fashion.
The numbering system has changed from a simple number to the following:
1st node:
AAA.000 (deliverable, for example)
AAA.001 (activity)
AAA.002 (deliverable)
and so
2nd node:
AAB.000 (deliverable)
AAB.001 (activity)
AAB.002 (deliverable)
A detailed description of how connectivity and the reference ID is defined is documented within the attached zip file.

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4 Nov 2011, 07:28