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Improved Microsoft Excel Compatibility

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Ref: 201205311530JH
Last Edited: May 31st 2012
Relates to: PN 11.2 and onwards

To make the Excel Import and Export routines more intuitive and reliable, several enhancements have been made to both the Import and Export routines.

The primary enhancement has been to remove the need to deal with GUIDs. In previous versions of Process Navigator, every shape had to be explicitly identified in the Excel environment using a GUID (Globally Unique ID), the GUID's had to match before a shape could be updated. In 11.2 a more intuitive matching approach is adopted whereby a shape is matched if it is of the same type (Activity, Deliverable, etc.), it has the same name (the text contained within the shape) and it is contained in a process map with a Node of the same name. This matching approach makes it possible to update several shapes from the same Excel row (for example if a process map is copied, or if two Activities share the same name on the same page).

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