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Set up Multiple Languages in Excel

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Last edited May 30th 2012
Column C of the Excel sheet contains the displayed text of the shapes.
This however can be a formula, referencing a property column.
So, to create multiple language support, first create a Language Column for each language you want to display, headed "Prop:English", "Prop:Arabic", "Prop:French" and "Prop:German" for examples. An example is shown below. You then enter the relevant translation.
Note that it is important to create the English Property column too, otherwise it will be lost when an alternative language is chosen.
(click on image to enlarge)

To generate in a different language, set the content of Column C to equal whatever column contains the language you need. This is done using a formula such as "=R2" in cell C2 and copying down.
Advanced Excel users could use lookup tables to automatically update the content of Column C.
Now use Process Navigator to generate the maps from Multi-Map > Import > Generate Maps from Excel Files (note that the Excel file must reside inside the Multi-Map root or one of its sub-folders).

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