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Add Hyperlinks and External Drill-downs to an Excel file

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Ref: 20081106
Last edited January 5th 2012
The basic structure of the Excel interface is described in this article: What is the Minimum valid Excel Input File?. Hyperlinks are optional extras, and because any given shape can contain 0, 1 or more hyperlinks, they are specified on a separate worksheet. To illustrate, suppose a file, DrillDownSource.vdx contains a shape that you want to have an external drill-down to a file DrillDownTarget.vdx.

Create the spreadsheet corresponding to DrillDownSource and save it as an Excel XLS format as DrillDownSource.xls. An example is shown below (please click to view image):

Add a 2nd sheet to the file called Hyperlinks (if it does not already exist), as follows:
(Please click to view image)

Source Reference must be a value that appears in the Reference column of the Process Elements sheet.

Hyperlink Address is the name of the file to drill-down to. If this file does not exist, Process Navigator creates it when it performs the Excel Import.

Sub Address is the name of the page within DrillDownTarget (leave blank to have Process Navigator automatically name it the same as the parent Activity), and Description is the mouseover text.

Process Navigator will automatically create DrillDownSource and DrillDownTarget when you import from Excel, and it will automatically drill-down from the Activity 'Perform an External Drill Down' to a page of the same name in the file DrillDownTarget.vdx.

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