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Generate maps from Excel

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Ref: 201205301703PEV
Last Edited: March 4th 2013

Once you have created your map in Excel, you need to import it into Process Navigator. Process Navigator is watching for changes. Files are only imported if they are newer than those in the multi-map root.

Process Navigator must be correctly configured with a stencil and template location specified in the mapping software

The Excel file being imported must reside in the multi map root. This is the same location as your process maps. Select Multi Map > Import > Generate maps for Excel Files. 

The connectors on these maps will be redrawn by Visio. Any connector routings that have been made by an author will be lost.

Please note: In Process Navigator versions prior to 13.1, when generating from Excel on a mapped network drive, xlsx files are ignored, but xls files are recognised.
This has been fixed in PN 13.1 so that both xlsx and xls files are recognised.

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