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Data Type Override

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Ref: 201205311540JH
Last Edited: May 31st 2012
Relates to: PN 11.2 and Onwards

Data Type Override

Sometimes two different shapes can share the same Property, say TotalCost. However, on one shape this is stored as a Number, and on another shape it is stored as a String (text). When Exporting to Excel, because the Property of both shapes is stored in the same column, there are inconsistent data types in the same column. This  causes difficulties when using Excel's data query functionality. 

The purpose of this feature therefore is to enable the user to specify the data type that is written. So, in the example just given, if the user requires the TotalCost field to always be written as say a Number, then when Exporting to Excel, Triaster will attempt to convert any non-Number data types to a Number. 

If the conversion is unsuccessful, defaults will be used for the intended data type (typically 0, empty string or false for a Boolean). Check out Tools > Options > Export to Excel to experiment with this setting.

For more information on Exporting to Excel, Click Here.

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