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A word on BPMN, BPML, BPEL, BPDL, UML, WS-CDL, XPDL etc...

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Standards' Support with the Triaster Solution

Triaster's Process Library is intended to be used by all of the staff of an organisation. Its primary and overarching design aim is to meet the information needs of a widespread, non-specialist, non-technical workforce.

Triaster have developed the Noun-Verb process mapping method. A simple, easy-to-adopt, easy-to-understand and easy-to-maintain method that meets perfectly the vast bulk of the information needs of the vast bulk of the workforce of any organisation.
Triaster's customers put the information needs of their intended audience at the top of the list of considerations. Some of the most important and significant amongst these needs are:
  1. A minimal amount of training, preferably none, is required for a non-specialist to use the information contained in the process diagrams
  2. The map can be understood in seconds - it is not necessary to analyse the map in order to be able to work out how to execute the necessary steps of the process
  3. A map can be produced or edited by administration staff, rather than trained business analysts
Quite deliberately, Triaster have therefore not adopted UML or BPMN as the recommended default graphical standards in our solution, as neither of these techniques meet the above 3 requirements. Nevertheless customers may, if they wish, populate the Triaster library using these formats, indeed, customers can populate the library using any Visio template they wish.

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