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Animated Demonstrations

 These demonstrations are suitable for a Process Mapper
This section shows our range of Triaster animated demos.

These are designed to give a taster of the Triaster solution and its approach to process mapping and continual process improvement. These animated files are divided into 2 main areas which are Demonstrations and How to's.

Click on the links below to view:
How to create a process map Learn just how easy it is to map your processes
Top Trumps Capture, Share, use and improve See how easy the Triaster solution is to use
How to's
Preparing the mapping environment for first use (Visio 2003) Training video on how to prepare Visio for use with Process Navigator (Visio 2003)
Preparing the mapping environment for first use (Visio 2007) Training video on how to prepare Visio for use with Process Navigator (Visio 2007) 
Changing the stencil and template location How to change the stencil and template location (to pick up new or different branding for example)
Export to Excel to rebrand you library Use Excel to rebrand you library by using a new stencil to import with (using PN 11.1.0 and earlier)
Push a map to Excel for editing Edit a map in Excel that was created in Process Navigator (using PN 11.1.0 and earlier)
Excel Export/Import Export a library to excel and run it through a translation tool and re-importing it (using PN 11.1.0 and earlier)
Create a map in Excel and publish How to create a map from scratch in Excel and import it into Process Navigator (using PN 11.1.0 and earlier)
Generating a Planning Chart  Step-by-step demonstration on creating your own planning chart
Generate next level Let Process Navigator create a summary level map for you
Import from standard Visio files Convert UML, BPMN and flowchart diagrams into Triaster Noun-Verb-Noun methodology
Replacing shapes Use Process Navigator to change shapes from one stencil to another
Inserting hyperlinks How to insert a hyperlink into a process map and bookmark to a specific location
Publishing using the browser toolkit How to use the browser tool kit for ad-hoc on demand publishing
Using the browser toolkit How the browser toolkit can help you find processes quickly
Using auto-layout positional override How to group shapes within Process Navigator without losing shape functionality
Upgrading your stencil to be 4.63 compatible  Simple walk-through on how to upgrade your 4.50 or earlier stencil.  
Uploading process maps to a hosted site  If Triaster are hosting your process library you will need to upload the files via FTP. The details of the FTP link are in your support site.
Using the Approvals tool See how to use the approvals functionality available from version 11.2 onwards 
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