'Overdue Approvals' Alerts Sent Prematurely

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Ref: 201412041418
Last Edited: December 4th, 2014


An 'Overdue Approvals' alert can quickly follow an 'Approvals Required' alert, even seconds or minutes after.
'Overdue Approvals' alerts are meant to be sent a specific time (7 days, by default) after the corresponding 'Approvals Required' alert.


'Overdue Approvals' alerts have been found to depend on the Change Date. If the Change Date is prior to that set interval (usually 7 days), an 'Approvals Overdue' alert will be sent.


This will be fixed in Triaster Server 14.3.
Otherwise, if a map is approved within 7 days of its Change Date, no 'Overdue Approvals' alert should be sent.

Applies To

  • Triaster Server 11 to 14.2

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