Make responsibility or additional info visible on Activities

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Created 19th June 2009.
Last edited September 29th, 2011.
An Activity can display additional information, such as responsibility or ID and level. Whether this information is displayed is a user configuration, not a property of a map, so will apply to all maps for that user.

Visio Component of Process Navigator 

To display this additional information:
  1. Run Process Navigator, as if you were creating a new Visio process.
  2. From the Visio menu, Process Navigator > Options...
  3. In the Options dialog, on the General tab, configure 'Display additional info on Activities' as required.
  4. Click Update to close the dialog, and apply new settings.


Windows Registry

Automated publications will use REG files to make such configurations dynamically. A publication server will use a Settings REG file, commonly stored in the "Config Files/ProcessLibrary/Live|Prelive|Sandpit" folder (or "Config Files\Live|Prelive|Sandpit" folder for pre 2009.1 Process Libraries), to set the appropriate behaviour. Within the Settings REG file, the configurations would be as follows:
'Additional Info'/'Responsibility' visible:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Triaster\Process Navigator\Mapping Edition]
"Activity Additional Info Box"=dword:00000001
'Level and ID' visible:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Triaster\Process Navigator\Mapping Edition]
"Activity Additional Info Box"=dword:00000000
'Additional Info'/'Responsibility' and 'Level and ID' invisible:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Triaster\Process Navigator\Mapping Edition]
"Activity Additional Info Box"=dword:00000000
It should be noted that these configurations apply generally to Process Navigator, so a configuration set explicitly by one publication will apply to subsequent publications, even of different libraries, unless such a configuration is also set explicitly in those subsequent publications. If the publication server is configured in this way for one publication, it's recommended that it's configured explicitly for all.

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