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Last Edited: July 13th 2011 
After you have identified your processes and created the process maps you will want to make them visable to your end user audience.
There is a standard approach for promoting maps from your Sandpit library to your Live library. 
Your process library consists of 3 websites:
  • Sandpit site - A working area for maps in progress or work on maps which require review. Predominantly for process authors.
  • Pre-Live site - Maps are reviewed by process owners for final approval and sign off before promoting to live and being available to your end user audience. Typically used for the process authors and process owners and/or approvers.
  • Live -The final stage of promotion for your process maps and here they will be visible to your end users.
 When you are ready to promote maps from the Sandpit area for final checks in Pre-Live you need to move your VDX files between the folders in your Map Store. 
1.Take a copy of the maps you want to promote in to Prelive from the sandpit maps folder and paste them into the prelive folder.
2. If you have already linked up your maps to menu pages in your Sandpit site it would be useful to copy your Flash-menu.xml file from your Sandpit Static html folder in to your Prelive Static html folder as this will maintain the same menu structure and links for your maps in the Prelive site. (NB: these folders will be where you would normally go to update your menu pages)
3.Most Prelive sites will run an automatic publish daily (usually overnight) like the Sandpit site however if you want to initiate a publish you can do this by accessing Library Administration from your Prelive website.
4. From the front menu page of your Prelive site select the library Administration tab.
5. Select the Publication Services option
6. Enter your Username and Password and select Go
7. Click the publish button and wait for a few minutes.
NB: when you publish it takes approximately 30secs per A4 page and will only publish any new or changed maps. 
8.After a few minutes You will be able to view the maps from using the quick search option in your library and searching for the map name or from using the menu page links if they are already set up. If you receive the publication emails you will be notifed by email when a publish has completed.
9. If links have not been created to your maps from the main homepage you should perform this task in Prelive using the Flash-menu.xml and copy the final version of this into the Live Static html folder which will populate the Live website.
10.Once in Prelive you can run through the final checks to ensure your maps are ready to be promoted to the Live library.
Please see the following KB article which runs through a standard set of checks which should be carried out before you publish your maps to the Live website.
Final checks before promotion to a Live library
11. When all checks have been completed and you are happy to publish your maps in to your Live library website open your Live library site in your web browser and follow steps 4-9 above but in your Live website.  
NB: Always take a backup copy of any maps you are promoting and any Flash-menu.xml you are copying over then you will always be able to revert back to these if necessary.

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