Create or modify XSLT reports for Report Exchange

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Last Edited: September 29th, 2011
The Report Exchange tool is a utility which will run any XSLT which generates HTML against the Triaster catalogue XML file. In order for the XSLT to be displayed in the list of reports, header data must be added into a comments section at the start of XSLT (see below). It must also have an .XSLT extension. No validation is done on the content of XSLT so the output of the report is the responsibility of the report author.

Creating a new report
Once an XSLT has been written and relevant header information added, the XSLT is simply copied into the ReportExchange folder in ProcessLibraries and is ready for use.

Modifying existing reports
A copy can be made of an existing XSLT file and the desired modifications made. The amended XSLT file can then be copied back into the ReportExchange folder.
Header Information
All XSLT files must contain header information in order to be shown in the list of reports. All reports which are downloadable from the Triaster Report Exchange will contain this information already. However, an understanding of the header structure will allow additional information, such as more columns, to be added to the report list table.

The header section consists of a comments section which must inserted at the start of the XSLT document, in the format shown below. The default table layout is three columns with the names Name, Description and Version. Each line contains a column name and column value; these must be separated with a colon. Each line must end with a semi-colon. If an extra column is required, an extra line with column name and value, should be added (as shown in red below). If an extra column is added, this should be added for ALL reports within the report exchange; if the column is not applicable to some reports, a blank value should be given for these reports.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
Name:Revision History;
Description:This report shows what's changed and what's new in our process library and who has changed it;
Owner:John Smith;
<!-- This style sheet is used with Process Navigator XML Catalogues exported from Analyst Edition.
    Used with:
        Any Process Navigator XML Catalogue


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