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Ref: AR 20091110
Last edited September 29th, 2011

By default, the Triaster web-powered solution contains one library called Process Library and three sites called Live, Prelive and Sandpit (the way that Triaster recommend these sites are used is detailed in this article Source folder for Live, PreLive and Sandpit explained). However, with the release of Browser Toolkit version 9.1, it is now possible to create multiple libraries and additional sites within libraries.

Cloning of new sites

This feature will allow you to create an exact copy (or clone) of another site. A clone of a site can be created in two ways.

Firstly, click on 'Library Administration' in the nav bar and click on 'Site Admin'. You will be prompted for the Admin user name and password. Once this has been successfully entered, you will see a 'Clone Site' option in the left-hand side of the screen which will take you into the 'Clone Site' page. Enter the name for the new site and click 'Create Site' (the new site name must be unique within the current library and can only consist of letters, numbers and spaces). Creation of the clone site may take some time and an email will be sent when the process has completed. In the unlikely event of a problem occurring, an email with an error message will be sent.

Secondly, click on 'Library Administration' (or perhaps 'Improvement Workbench', depending on the implementation) in the nav bar and click on 'Library Explorer'. On the left-hand side of the screen will be a list of libraries (it will only contain Process Library by default). Clicking on the small triangle next to the library name will collapse and expand the list of sites within that library. In order to clone a site, click on the site name and then click on the clone hyperlink on the right-hand side of the screen. After prompting for the Admin user name and password, this will open the 'Clone Site' page. A site can then be cloned (see above).

Once the cloning processing has been completed, it will be possible to navigate to the new site by entering the new URL (for example, or by going to 'Library Explorer', selecting the new site (if it does not appear, try refreshing the browser) and clicking on the hyperlink on the right-hand side.

As well as all the necessary files and folders necessary to run the new site, a new folder called 'Maps for [new site]' will be created in the same folder as the current maps. This will contain a copy of all maps used by the original site. A new folder called 'Menu Pages for [new site]' will also be created. This will contain a copy of all menu pages used by the original site.

Cloning of new libraries

This is done using the same methods as the cloning of new sites.

A complete copy of a library, including all sites within that library and all maps used by that library, is created.

Deletion of sites and libraries

Sites and libraries can be deleted using either the 'Library Explorer' or 'Site Admin' page. Deletion will be permanent and so this function should be used with care. Maps and menu pages are never deleted and will have be removed manually if required. Sites and libraries should only be deleted using the Browser Toolkit tools; files or folders related to sites or libraries (apart from maps or menu pages) should NEVER be removed manually (for example by using Windows Explorer).

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