Combined Log On For Approvals and Administration Tools

From version 15.3 onwards, the Approvals and Administrator tools uses the same email-based log on system used by the Approvals tool. This is in order to simplify the administration of the user accounts and allow the Library Administrator greater control around user system access.

This means that the usernames and passwords in use for the Administration tool in 15.1 (and earlier) will no longer be in use once you have upgraded to Triaster Server 15.3.

A brief summary of the action needed to be taken is given below. For full information please see the Triaster Server help documentation, either online (click here) or from the Help tab in the toolbar within your Process Library.


If you are currently using Approvals, please see Section A. If you are NOT currently using Approvals, please see Section B.


Section A (Approvals In Use)

  1. Any user who has been set up as an Approver will have permissions as an Approver and as a Reviewer. If they were set up as a Super User, they are able to approve any maps; if they were not given Super User rights, they are only able to approve their own maps.
  2. Any user who has been set up as an Administrator (in addition to being an Approver) will have all permissions. This means that they are able to log in to the Administration tool and initiate a publish, for example.

Section B (Approvals NOT In Use)

There is a single default user already on the system. This user has full permissions by default, so by logging in with these credentials, you can create additional users. Please contact Triaster ( support to obtain details of this user account.





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