Approval Fails When There Is a Comma in a Map's File Path

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Ref: 201411180918
Last Edited: November 18th, 2014


A map is approved through the Approvals webpage, but the approval status and date aren't set in the map.


Approval can fail if there is a comma in the map's file path. This could be in the map's file name or in one of the folders in that path.
When a map is approved, Approval properties are updated through a 'silent' or 'mini' publish, which runs REPLACEDATA tasks on a set of maps defined by a comma-delimited list. If there's a comma in a map's path, it confuses that mechanism.
Evidence can be found in the Silent Publish logs.
Triaster\TriasterServer2011\Logs\SilentPublish\PublicationLog <Library> <Site> <Date> <Time>.xml
where records of this form would be expected:
  <LogEntry TimeLogged="17/11/2014 13:29:25" Type="Info" ServerName="MyServer">&lt;Task Type="REPLACEDATA" ShapeType="Node" PropertyName="contentapprovaldate" SearchFor="" ReplaceWith="17/11/2014" MatchCase="FALSE" ForceCreate="TRUE" Category="Write" Nodes="e:\triaster\triasterserver2011\mapstore\process library\prelive maps\this, that and the other\mymap 1.vdx!{e755f246-3b49-42c3-afb7-8f2d435fc60e},e:\triaster\triasterserver2011\mapstore\process library\prelive maps\this, that and the other\mymap 2.vdx!{7f112fd9-e4b9-4fd4-b0f9-626c1c610afe}" /&gt;</LogEntry>
In this example, the commas in the folder name would conflict with the commas used to delimit the map identities.


Commas shouldn't be used in folder or file names. If commas are removed from such names, then amend links from other maps to those files too. Links from maps where the source and target are both within such folders should be relative, and not contain explicit references to such a folder, so should remain valid. Links that navigate in or out of such a folder will need to be changed.

Applies To

  • Triaster Server 11 to 14

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