Referenced Cell Geometry Error when importing Visio files with 1D shapes

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Ref: CC20091112
Last edited September 28th 2011

When running shape replace on the Visio file below - receive the following error

25/06/2009 11:04:32 An unknown error has occurred during a Shape Replace in the file 'C:\Triaster\Showcase\3 Master\Tender.vdx'. This file will not be saved.
=== Begin For Triaster Support ===
The following content may be useful to the Triaster support team. Please copy and paste it into an e-mail to and attach any referenced files if you would like help understanding how to avoid this issue reoccurring. Referenced cell Geometry1.A5 does not exist. An unknown error has occurred during a Shape Replace in the file 'C:\Triaster\Showcase\3 Master\Tender.vdx'. This file will not be saved. System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x86DB0526): Referenced cell Geometry1.A5 does not Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio.CellClass.set_FormulaForce(String )at triaster.ProcessNavigator.Common.ProcessObjects.Map.ReplaceShapeInstances(String strFind, String strReplace, String strStencil, Boolean blnPreserveProperties, Boolean blnReplaceVariants)at Triaster.ProcessNavigator.AnalystEdition.clsFileUpdate.ReplaceShapesChangeMaster(Collection colJobList, String strStencil, String strFileName, Boolean blnUpdateBackground, String strBackgroundShape)
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Process used for Shape Replace
1. imported vsd file into Triaster
2. used Showcase.vss stencil
3. ran shape replace replacing:

Terminator = deliverable
Document = Deliverable
Process = Activity

Possible Causes:

The shape Terminator (oval shape) causes the error because the terminator is seen as a 1d shape and therefore can’t be replaced. This must be converted to a 2d shape using the procedure given below.
Also, the Visio Label shape also causes the same error:
08/03/2010 15:36:47
An error occurred during a Shape Replace operation in the file 'C:\Triaster\Map Store\ProcessLibrary\Quality maps.vdx'.
The shape with the id '46' on the page 'QA2' will not be replaced as it is 1-d (connector) shape.

The unknown error above is fixed in version 4.63.

1d shapes will need to be converted to 2d before using shape replace by doing the following:
  • With the map open in Process Navigator, select Format -> Behavior from the menu.
  • On the Behavior tab, under Interaction style, select Box (2-dimensional).
  • Click Ok. Shape Replace can now be run.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator all versions

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