How to remove load-time actions from a map

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Last Edited: July 19th, 2012


A load-time action is an instruction embedded in a map to update the content of the map. They are executed when a map is opened in Visio. Actions such as Refresh OPCs, Replace Hyperlinks and Replace Data are effected through load-time actions.
A map may not load properly if there is a spurious load-time action within it. Opening such a map in Visio may result in an error being reported in the User Actions Required window. The remedy is to remove the load-time actions from the map file. Actions such as Refresh OPCs will be repeated in a publication, but you may want to check what load-time actions there are to decide whether any need to be re-applied.


1. Open a map in Notepad.
2. Ensure Word Wrap is switched off.
Format > ensure 'Word Wrap' is not ticked.
3. Go to the end of the file.
Press  CTRL+End
4. Go to the end of the 'LoadTimeProcessing' line, and insert the cursor before '</Map>'.
5. Press ENTER to send '</Map>' to a new line.
6. Highlight all of the 'LoadTimeProcessing' line.
7. Delete it (or cut and paste it into a new text file for inspection).
Note: If moved to a new text file, that text file could be saved with a '.xml' extension and opened in Internet Explorer for a more easily-read view.
8. Save the file.
9. Open the map in Visio.
10. Ensure the stencil is attached.
11. Save the file.

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