Map could not be opened in Visio error reported in publication logs

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Ref: 201010180903
Last Edited: September 28th, 2011
The following error is reported in the publication logs:
<Map Name> could not be opened in Visio, and so cannot be exported to HTML.
Check whether this file can be opened in Microsoft Visio.
Possible Cause:
This may occur if the publication server is running Visio 2003 that has had no updates applied. If a VDX file contains XML extensions associated with a latter version of Visio, then an unpatched Visio 2003 cannot open it.
Visio Standard 2003 (as installed) - 11.3216.5606
Visio Standard 2003 + SP1 - 11.4301.6360
Visio Standard 2003 + SP2 - 11.5509.6568
Visio Standard 2003 + SP3 - 11.8161.8172
Update Visio 2003 with the latest service pack and other updates. We'd recommend this anyway, not just in these circumstances.
Applies to:
  • Visio 2003

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