Customise Process Navigator reports or Create new reports

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Last edited: September 29th, 2011

Modifying an existing report

Standard Reports (Selected from Reports in Process Navigator) can be customised in 2 ways:
  • Report format (look and feel) can be customised by specifying a new style sheet file or by changing the existing style sheet.
  • Content can be altered in some reports by modifying the Properties.txt file. However, the names of the reports cannot be changed.
Style sheet modification is beyond the scope of this article and is really for skilled HTML publishers only.

The Properties.txt file is a simple 3 column, comma-delimited text file. By default, it is installed to Program Files\Triaster\Process Navigator\Properties.txt and is as follows:
Total Cost, Activity Metrics
TotalEffort, Total Effort, Activity Metrics
Errors, Number of Errors, Activity Metrics
Complaints, Number of Complaints, Activity Metrics
LapsedTime, Elapsed Time, Activity Metrics
People, Number of People, Activity Metrics
EnvironmentalCost, Environment Cost, Activity Metrics
HSInvolvesChildren, Involves Children, Activity Health and Safety
HSInvolvesPublic, Involves the Public, Activity Health and Safety
HSInvolvesHazEnv, Involves Hazardous Environment, Activity Health and Safety
HSInvolvesHazSub, Involves Hazardous Substances, Activity Health and Safety
HSInvolvesAnimals, Involves Animals, Activity Health and Safety
HSInvolvesOtherRisk, Other Risks, Activity Health and Safety
HSDescription, Transfer Description, Activity Health and Safety
HSDiscuss, Discuss with H & S Officer, Activity Health and Safety
CONMoneyDepartments, Other Departments, Activity Controls
CONMoneySuppliers, Suppliers, Activity Controls
CONMoneyStaff, Members of Staff, Activity Controls
CONMoneyAnyoneElse, Anyone Else, Activity Controls
CONMoneyDescription, Description, Activity Controls
CONCheckingProcess, Checking Process, Activity Controls
CONAuthorisingProcess, Authorisation Process, Activity Controls
INDInvolvesManual, Manual Data Entry, Activity Indicators
INDInvolvesConversion, Data Format Conversion, Activity Indicators
INDInvolvesHandovers, Handover of Responsibility, Activity Indicators
INDInvolvesDescription, Description, Activity Indicators
INDIsTRM, Tedious Repetitive Manual, Activity Indicators
INDTRMDescription, Description, Activity Indicators
OPPImprove1, Improvement 1, Activity Opportunities
OPPImprove2, Improvement 2, Activity Opportunities
OPPImprove3, Improvement 3, Activity Opportunities
OPPDiscuss, Discuss with Team, Activity Opportunities
Quality, Quality, Deliverable Quality and Timeliness
Improved, Could Quality be Improved, Deliverable Quality and Timeliness
ImprovedHow, How Quality Could be Improved, Deliverable Quality and Timeliness
OnTime, Delivered On Time, Deliverable Quality and Timeliness
Reduced, Could Delivery Time be Reduced, Deliverable Quality and Timeliness
ReducedHow, How Delivery Time Could be Reduced, Deliverable Quality and Timeliness
Quality, Quality, Deliverable Opinion Mismatch
Improved, Could Quality be Improved, Deliverable Opinion Mismatch
ImprovedHow, How Quality Could be Improved, Deliverable Opinion Mismatch
OnTime, Delivered On Time, Deliverable Opinion Mismatch
Reduced, Could Delivery Time be Reduced, Deliverable Opinion Mismatch
ReducedHow, How Delivery Time Could be Reduced, Deliverable Opinion Mismatch
Column 1: The unique name of the property (rowName) to be reported on as found in properties.xml file.
Column 2: The name of the property as it will appear in the report.
Column 3: The name of the report the property is to be shown.

By default, Properties.txt corresponds to the natural grouping of properties according to the way they are displayed on the Properties tabs (right-click a Process Navigator shape and select Properties to see these tabs). To specify which fields appear in which report, delete or add rows as appropriate to Properties.txt. For example, if you want the property 'Bottleneck' to appear in the 'Metrics' report, add the following row to Properties.txt:

Bottleneck,Is this Activity a Bottleneck?,Activity Metrics

The main limitation in using standard reports is that the name of the report cannot be changed to reflect the customised properties. For example, you can use the ‘Activity Health and Safety’ report title for items that have nothing to do with Health and Safety.

Creating a totally new report

To create a custom report is an advanced task that requires knowledge of XSLT's. To learn more about XSLT W3Schools has an excellent step through describing all of the structure that you will need to know.
It is a good idea to have a look at the examples provided by our product as well. Take into account the output XML file (from which the report will be generated) and the input XML file (which the output is generated using the XSLT transform that you are looking at).
You can test your XSLT at any point using the Process Navigator report generator.
Please note that cutomising XSLT's falls outside of the scope of Triaster Support

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