Trial Mobile Library

 This article is suitable for a Library Administrator
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Last Edited: September 8th, 2014

Mobile view of your current Process Library can be trialled


Since the release of version 14.1 customers can  try out using their Process Library on a mobile device.
Viewing your Process Library on a mobile device will automatically bring up the mobile view for Home and Search. Navigating the library using either the mobile Home page or Search tool will give maps in the mobile format. This is a cut-down version of the map without the properties or pan and zoom windows, and a reduced width toolbar.
It will possible to navigate to the Desktop view of your Process Library on a mobile phone, for example, if you wish to use tools, such as Approvals or Admin, which do not currently have a Mobile interface. Mobile Process Library views can be simply branded as per the desktop Library view. By default the Mobile Process Library view will be switched off, but it can be configured by Library Administrators wishing to trial it.

I would like to trail the mobile Library, how do I get this?


Before implementing the trail mobile Library we suggest that you think about:
  • Security
  • Who needs to access the Library and how will you restrict this?
  • Does this contradict anything in your IT policy?
  • How does this affect your Process Library Governance? Does your Governance Policy need updating?
  • We strongly suggest that you discuss this with your IT Department as they may have other security concerns that will need to be addressed.

Setting up Mobile HTML

If you are happy that you are in a position to trial the mobile Library, please follow the instructions below. You may need your IT team’s assistance:
1. Upgrade to the latest version on your server 
2. Edit Settings.xml (/Triaster/TriasterServer2011/Settings/)
3. Search for ‘<MobileHTML>’
4. If not already set, set its value to true
5. Keep searching for ‘<MobileHTML>’ and set all the values to true
6. Save and close settings.xml
7. Publish all libraries/sites
8. Once the publishes have completed, check that a ‘html mobile’ folder has been created in the following location:
\Triaster\TriasterServer2011\ProcessLibraries\ LIBRARY\SITE\html mobile
9. Check if the HTML has been created in the folder.
This will enable the creation of mobile HTML in your libraries.
Please notify once complete to request Mobile Process Library branding files and that so we are aware of your most current set up.
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