Library Adminstrators Top 10 FAQs

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Last Edited: September 30th, 2011 

How do I get my Library ready before going Live?

After you have identified your processes and created the process maps you will want to make them visable to your Library Users. For information regarding how to prepare for this please click here.


How do I maintain my Sitehome Flash home page?

Triaster has recently introduced a new four-scene Sitehome Flash home page which is configurable by the end-user via a configuration file. The file is called flash-menu.xml and resides in the the Static HTML folder on the Triaster server. To find out how you can update and maintain your homepage please click here. 


I have a Visio home page, how do I maintain this?

For information regarding Visio home pages please click here.

Can I add additional information to my Activities across my whole Library, for example, responsibility?

Yes, you can add additional information, if you would like to find out how to do this please click here.
You can set this to show across the whole Library, however this is a user setting rather than a property of a map.

How do I access my properties file (XML file) to update the data I capture?

Every Activity and Deliverable on a Process Navigator diagram can store data. The definition of the data to be stored is contained in an XML file. If you would like to update this please click here to find out how.


How do I publish my Process Library?

Please click here to view an animated demo which will show you how to publish.

Can I modify the e-mail address the publication notifications are sent to?

Yes, however you will need to access the config.xml file which is held on your publication server, so you may need assistance from your IT department. For information regarding how to update the e-mail address please click here.

How do I customise the way I report on my data?

The Report Exchange is steadily being populated with reports, mostly with existing reports that have been modified to include version number, last modified date, hyperlink to List of Reports html, and hyperlink to Report Exchange. If you would like to use one of the reports please click here.

Can I re-publish the whole of my Process Library Site?

Yes, please click here to find out how.

What can I take advantage of now that I am a Triaster customer?

Triaster offer a number of options, which are just for our customers. For information please click here.

What are the upcoming Triaster events?

Triaster run events regularly, which you may find useful. For information on current events please click here.

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